GP Visit Card - Including Online Applications

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The online application form for GP Visit Medical cards is available to: Persons over 16 years of age who wish to submit an application for the first time, to people who already have GP Visit card eligibility and who wish to have their continued eligibility reviewed online. The target turnaround time for all complete applications using this service is 15 days.

Applicants can submit applications using their personal computers, tablets or mobile phones. The system allows applicants to submit / upload supporting documentation, including photographs and will avoid the need for the GP to sign the relevant sections of the form.


GP Visit Card Applications:

The GP visit Medical Card Scheme provides the patient with:
(1) Free access to the GP.
(2) Prescribed Prescription Medication is paid for by the patients as a private patient.

All patients can apply for the Drug Payments Scheme or the Long Term Illness book. (Where appropriate)